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accessible innovations

Laboratoires Majorelle is specialised in women's health and sexual health
and is committed to improving access to innovative healthcare products.

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Our values


Willing to shake up the status quo by providing innovative treatments that are accessible to all.

Agile in its decision-making with respect for the charter of ethics.

Passionate about meeting outstanding needs in the laboratory's medical disciplines.

Team spirit

A close-knit and united team are the driving force of Majorelle.

Solidarity is at the heart of our work at the service of patients and health professionals.

Putting Patients First

Majorelle is committed to working hand-in-hand with health professionals to meet the real needs of gyneecology and urology patients.

Our commitment is to provide everyone with effective, safe treatments that encourage patient compliance.

High standards

When it comes to the partners who are by our side on a daily basis.

When it comes to the quality of our treatments and medical devices in compliance with regulatory requirements.

When it comes to employee support and training.

These are at the root of our success.


Integrity is central to the daily operations of each and every employee, in accordance with the codes of ethics and regulations in place.

This is demonstrated by a duty of transparency and fairness to health professionals, patients, and employees alike.

Medical disciplines


Gynecology represents the central area of expertise of Laboratoires Majorelle. As a leader in its various fields, Laboratoires Majorelle provides medical solutions to the issues affecting women. Our network of experts is by your side and entirely dedicated to women's health.


Urology is a medical and surgical speciality that deals with disorders affecting women's and men's urinary tracts (bladder, ureter, urethra). It also encompasses the male genital and reproductive systems (prostate, penis, testicles). Laboratoires Majorelle provides health professionals with innovative and effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. Laboratoires Majorelle is exploring other areas of urology in order to support health professionals in the management of these diseases.

Infectious diseases

Laboratoires Majorelle is committed to working alongside health professionals to fight the effects of sexually transmitted infections. The organisation strives to provide effective treatments for certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as condoms, which are covered by the social security system in France.


Laboratoires Majorelle holds the health and wellbeing of all citizens close to its heart, and that's why we are committed to providing appropriate solutions to the health-related challenges faced by the population today.

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