Lip care

Lip care: a must in your daily routine.

Protecting your lips daily

The skin of the lips is 5 times thinner than that of the rest of the face and has no natural protective film, unlike the rest of the body (hydrolipidic film). This makes it more sensitive to external damage and dehydration.

Lips are therefore fragile and particularly prone to drying out. This happens especially in winter as a result of the cold and wind, but this is not the only time you need to protect yourself! In the summer, with exposure to the sun, chlorine, seawater, and dry atmospheres, your lips are continually being put to the test.

Taking care of your lips

It is essential to moisturise your lips daily with a protective balm; this will limit moisture loss and protect them from damage caused by the elements. In an ideal world, you should not wait until you have chapped lips to take action, nor should you wait until winter.

When you do have chapped lips, follow these tips:

Do not pull at small dead skin cells

Pulling at small bits of dead skin can cause tears in the lip.

Limit UV exposure

Limit UV exposure because the lips do not secrete melanin, the pigment that allows the skin to protect itself from the sun's rays.

Do not moisten your lips with your tongue

Moistening your lips with saliva gives a false impression of hydration; in reality, this dries out the lips even further.

Opt for high quality

Avoid poor quality lipsticks and glosses.